60 years of medium-light metal carpentry at the service of industry

The historic development

Today, P.M.P. STEEL S.R.L. is an esteemed and consolidated business that distinguishes itself with its high-quality medium-light metal carpentry. The company has its historic roots in the Plebani family, which in 1957 launched an individual company specialized in the construction of various types of prefabricated elements, from garages to construction elements. The first step in the company’s transformation occurred in 1985 with the creation of an S.N.C., a process completed in 2003 with transformation into its definitive form, P.M.P. STEEL S.R.L., thanks to the entry of the new generation into the company.

The company today

Thanks to considerable and sustained investments in research of cutting-edge machinery and innovative technology acquisition, P.M.P. STEEL S.R.L. knows how to combine the artisanal tradition of its origins with the experience and know-how transmitted from father to son. This has allowed a constant and ever-growing development in the medium-light metal carpentry market for the industrial sector, for the production of machinery and for plant systems. Alongside this specialization, works of laser cutting, water-jet cutting, punching, bending and shearing of sheet metal have been further reinforced.

The facility

In Chiuduno, in the province of Bergamo, the P.M.P. STEEL S.R.L. headquarters extends over a covered surface of more than 4,500 m2 dedicated to production, manufacturing, offices and logistics. The company also has a large external area dedicated to loading/unloading of goods, as well as wide warehouse storage space for the materials necessary for the medium-light metal carpentry services offered. The services are directed both to Italian clients, as well as foreign clients, in full respect to an industrial tradition that has combined experience and innovation in the processing of metals for over 60 years.